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    19 May 2011

    Most professional services firms are very sophisticated in their approach to thought leadership.  The advert I found online at The Times for a global thought leadership position at PwC based out of their London office is testimony to this.

    In particular I love this line: “We are committed to taking our thought leadership to new levels with the implementation of a new thought leadership strategy, which has been fully endorsed by leadership.”

    One of the keys to success for any thought leadership campaign or effort is the endorsement and buy-in of the leadership team.  Without that your thought leadership is doomed from the start.

    The one thing I found curiously absent from the job description is any reference to or a focus on the customer or client.  There  lots of excellent stuff in there about collaboration, content management, research, third party endorsers, etc but all of this comes to nought if its not focused on the client and their needs, issues and challenges. 

    But then maybe that’s a given and they saw no need to reference it in their outline?

    If you fit the bill I suggest you apply – sounds like a dream job for those who believe in the power of thought leadership.

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