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    29 Nov 2011

    If you can Newsjack you can thoughtjack for your thought leadership

    I’m thought jacking David Meerman Scott’s latest e book – Newsjacking: How to Inject Your Ideas into a Breaking News Story and Generate Tons of Media Coverage (Wiley).

    The premise of David’s new book is how to piggyback and take advantage of the momentum of a breaking news story for you or your company by injecting a fresh perspective in real time.  I must admit having been in the PR industry for 22 years, newsjacking isn’t really new but David has put a new slant on it and articulated it very well.

    How thought leaders can thoughtjack

    Thought leaders should take a lesson out of David’s book because if you can Newsjack you can thoughtjack and here are four ways how to do it:

    1. Scan the media – for ideas that play to your thought leadership platform and react if you believe there is a significant wave of sentiment or media focus
    2. Track trends – in social media, mainstream and trade press for early identification of any new, developing trends and integrate these into your thought leadership campaign
    3. Do they care– research the trends with your target audiences to find out whether they care about them and how they will influence their business
    4. Get to market – use all relevant channels at your disposal to get your new thought leadership insights to market.

    David Meerman Scott on thought leadership

    But before you do take our thought leadership to market, in fact before you even start, take heed of what David had to say when I interviewed him about thought leadership and content for this blog:

    “The problem is that most organizations create content about their stupid products. What people need to realize is that nobody cares about your products (except you).  What people do care about are themselves and ways to solve their problems.

    “People also like to be entertained and to share in something remarkable. In order to have people talk about you and your ideas, you must resist the urge to hype your products and services. And you must resist the urge to “control the message. Create something interesting that will be talked about online.”  David Meerman Scott.

    There are two critical points in what David has to say above.  The first is that people care about themselves and ways to solve their problems.  The second is that you should create something interesting that will be talked about.

    If you have followed the four thoughtjacking points above you should be able to tick both boxes.


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