• ‘The Bosses’ inspiring lessons for thought leaders

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    30 Mar 2012

    Springsteen has some valuable lessons for thought leaders

    I remember first seeing Bruce Springsteen perform at the Amnesty International Human Rights Concert in Harare, Zimbabwe in 1988.  The concert co-starred Peter Gabriel, Sting, Tracy Chapman and Youssou N’Dour.  What a concert what a night.

    Now 24 years later Springsteen is still relevant and has just released Wrecking Ball.  What relevance does this all have to thought leadership?

    Well Andy Beaupre writes a refreshingly different blog http://www.brodeur.com/blog/.  His latest post entitled “8 Lessons from Bruce Springsteen on staying relevant’ has some gems for aspiring thought leaders.

    I’ve summed them up in four points key points.  It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in, all thought leaders could take a leaf out of ‘The Bosses’ book.

    • He has a novel point of view that aligns closely with his values.
    • He shares and engages with his community and gets under the skin of his audience regarding their issues and life’s challenges.
    • It’s about us not him – this is all important for thought leaders. It’s not about your product or services rather it’s about your audience’s issues and delivering insights that address these.
    • He’s innovative and he stays relevant to his market.

    Keep on rocking Bruce and thanks Andre for a wonderfully revealing post.


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